National Party: Left, Liberal Or Right, Elitist Or Close To The People?

If we solve our financial problems, we get everything else gradually in the handle. It depends of the strategy alone. The images of the French Revolution and the structures of the middle ages still dominate the thinking of many politicians. Themselves, to distinguish political opponents or to defame, the whole register is considered maps, it is important to help a church organ to full sound. Everything is in the middle like moths to light. Who can’t, is extreme or radical, and is branded as criminals. We have again arrived in the middle ages: denunciation and Inquisition have become routine. However, in the 21st century, there are challenges that not could exist in the middle ages: stray unfunded paper money, globally networked information and State quotas stifling communication also for the poor, a value zerschlagende flood of law and the economic power.

Apparently it comes to the established parties just to get the financial drain of State funds and maintain the supposed power, the long exercised by others that will, not available in the public spotlight. Social values and human qualities are replaced by corruption and nepotism. And small parties aim to overcome the five percent hurdle and to take part in this strange game. They sprout like mushrooms from the moist forest floor and penetrated at once by stray opportunists, who suspect their career opportunities. Within a few years, again splitting small parties to disintegrate and disappear into insignificance because they exert too little power to make temporary credibility to become a voter habit.

Essentially, it is the media that create a picture of reality today. The actual realities and truths exist only between people. So the ideas are formed, the voters lead to a choice. The perception between the everyday life of the selector and what \”that there above\” do is split. It is characterised by the cut and thrust in talk shows, by Speech battles between Government and opposition factions and scandals that are revealed.