Texts For Social Media And Websites

Seminar: port seaweed rights texts for social media and Web sites write always more companies venture started in the social media. What they often do not know: there are your own writing style rules and text formats. Who noted she has success on the Internet. Who not, sucks his audiences and hurt the company. Professional content and texts for corporate websites, search engine optimization, Web 2.0, Twitter & co. are at the same time opportunity and a challenge. And as so often applies also here: it’s on the right tools of the trade. It’s believed that Rio Tinto Group sees a great future in this idea. This one-day crash course gives practical and use many exercises all essential to professional to “betexten social media and sites”.

You will learn how to achieve a real value for the public relations of the company. Portal-accessible texts for social media and Web sites learn participants and practice: what do our traditionellen clients in the network and what the renewable generation? What tone is appropriate for a company profile on XING? Do we have to perhaps different approach on Facebook? As we put our Web texts so that Google shows it as far up and prospective customers find us on the net? What are good Twitter topics, and what looks like a Web-teaser who makes curious? The participants develop target group-oriented presence in social media in the seminar a professional feel for the mindset of the different user. Check out the matching text formats, as well as targeted pitches. The seminar is aimed at writing or editing staff of the departments of marketing, PR, public relations, as well as at experts and executives, the texts for the company website to deliver or tweet. Participation in “Compose texts for social media and Web sites” is also valuable for employees, free and volunteers in PR agencies that texts for Web 2.0 or edit.

Our recommendation: Please bring your laptop for the exercises. Speaker of the seminar Christiane is Wallace certified trainer and systemic business coach. Their Core competence is the written and the spoken word. Since 2002, she leads writing workshops and coaching sessions, which are characterized by their high share of the exercise and practice. The journalist and author is also lecturer for adult education at the University of Hamburg. Their numerous customers include medium-sized companies, PR industry and the industry. They appreciate especially its comprehensive text competence, as well as her appreciative and open manner. Content and process of the seminar “writing texts for social media and Web sites”, see the seminar description under the links. All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: Seminar Description “text for social media and Web sites write” experts of I.O. BUSINESS consulting for social media marketing (consulting, seminars, workshops, implementation, training, coaching) information the I.O. BUSINESS consultancy on the subject of online marketing if you replace with an expert on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other forms of online marketing would you please simply contact us.