Navigator Tourism

Maspalomas is home to hundreds of hotels where you be able to enjoy its natural beauty as well as the more modern shopping centers, spas and complex Thalassotherapy also favoring a nascent health tourism. In the South-southeast zone of the island can be found virtually all leisure activities for visitors – and residents-such as aquatic and thematic parks parks botanical with hundreds of animals and exotic birds, nightlife, entertainment and live the predominant tourism centers is the German, British and Scandinavian – especially in winter, tourist high season in the Islands-. However little by little, domestic tourism will know increasingly the tourist excellence of the island of Gran Canaria. But Gran Canaria is not just Sun and beach. One of the biggest contrasts of the island, is the cosmopolitan and urban atmosphere of its capital as opposed to the peoples of the interior, in which time seems to have stopped. The Centre and North of the island offers the biggest attractions for the practice of rural tourism. Know its endearing landscapes of the interior, predominantly green and damp on the north side of the island, and much more arid on its southern slopes. In this area abound lush palm groves in the bosom of their large gullies.

Hiking Here also has its best stages. The peace and tranquility of the small towns of the interior of the island such as Tejeda and Artenara, Teror – where the Basilica del Pino, is Patron Saint of the island – is contagious to all its visitors. Also worth visit place is the Guayadeque ravine where you may taste – as in so many elsewhere in the island, the famous papas arrugadas con mojo canario and multiple varieties of cheese of the Islands, like other typical products of the land. In addition to all these natural attractions, Gran Canaria also offers an extensive cultural repertoire. The Casa Museo de Colon – where you can meet on the scale that the Navigator made on the island road of the discovery of America-the Botanical Garden, historic neighborhoods d the capital; Vegueta and Triana, with its characteristic architecture in colonial style. Museo Elder de la Ciencia, Arucas, the already named Basilica del Pino in Teror Cathedral this cultural offer is host also by the great offer Hotel on the island, and as a complement to dozens of centers and commercial areas such as Triana, the dock, the sands in the capital; the commercial area of the Mareta in Telde and southwest of the island, the commercial area of neighborhood.

Finally, a range of attractions which make Gran Canaria a very special Island, being always faithful to the expression of Fray Lesco; Gran Canaria, a continent in miniature. As final sample of the reason for this assertion is worth to also mention, that in some winters it can snow in the central zone of the island (about 1,900 meters of height) and only an hour later we can be in the Sun on the beach of Maspalomas on the edge of its famous dunes. Without a doubt this possibility offered by the various microclimates of the island may be unique in the world.