Original Management

Taken into account, that the function of markets is a process of systematize and coordinate all the efforts of units that comprise the organisation aimed to maximize overall efficiency. The truth, which is useful to understand the concept of quality and productivity associated with the management of markets, do so through the concept called paradigms. A paradigm is understood as model, theory, perception, presumption or frame of reference that includes a set of standards and rules that establish parameters and suggest how to successfully solve problems within those parameters. Mitsubishi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A paradigm is, a filter or a lens through which we see the world; not so much at a visual level per se, but rather perpetual, sympathetic and interpretive. The Chair of marketing from the graduate program specialty management of the quality and productivity of Faces, Universidad de Carabobo in this regard points out, that the quality and productivity not only refers to the product or service itself, but that is the permanent improvement of the appearance, performance of organizations, management, to consider the company as a gigantic machinewhere each worker, from the Manager, until the official of the most low hierarchical level are committed to business objectives conclusions definitively, for quality and productivity are achieve fully, it is necessary that basic moral values of society rescue and is here, where the role of market to know which are the expectations of consumers, since then, the entrepreneur plays a fundamental role, starting with prior education of their workers in order to have a more biased workforce with better ability of assimilated quality problems, with better criteria to suggest changes for the benefit of the quality and the market, with better analysis and observation of the process of manufacturing in case of products and be able to amend errors with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. * Notes from the Chair of marketing of the programme management for quality and productivity, graduate of Faces of the Univwersidad of Carabobo..