Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Between 1925 and 1929 he lives in Nicaragua devoting himself to trade union activism of trend labour, he pushed the affiliation of the Nicaraguan Workers Federation to the Central Obrera Panamericana, attached in turn to the American Federation of labor circa 1930 campaign was carried out in Nicaragua in favor of Augusto Cesar Sandino, publishing articles in San Jose, Costa Rica, in various media as in the journal of Costa Rica and in the Repertorio Americano of Joaquin Garcia Monge. In 1935 he settled in the city of Mexico, where it comes to influence Mexican politics; along with his brother Rogerio jungle, he becomes Advisor to President Miguel Aleman Valdes. Being appointed Ambassador of Nicaragua in France, died in Paris on February 5, 1959 ALFONSO CORTEZ Alfonso Cortes (December 9, 1893 February 3, 1969). Nicaraguan poet of Leonese origin, considered one of the big three after Darius; belonging to the Hispano-American post-modernist. Born in the same year as the great poet, also Nicaraguan, Salomon de la Selva.

He is famous for having lost the reason in 1927 and not recover ever, but this was not enough to shrink his literary talents by writing some of his best poems in a State of madness AZARIAH H.PALLAIS tells us who was a poet and humanist. Born in Leon on November 3, 1884. His first name is Azariah Henri Pallais.estudio at the seminar of San Sulpice in Paris. A leading source for info: Mining Company. He was ordained priest in 1908. He continued his college career in Belgium, at the University of Louvain and there fell in love with forever from the bewitching city of Bruges. He met Dario and this perceived in the young priest the extraordinary poet that was emerging.

In 1916, on the death of the Prince of the Castilian letters, he gave the most memorable of the speeches delivered during the funeral of this. In 1920, wanting to read his book roads to Guillermo Valencia, went to Colombia, making the journey – in large part – on foot. It sponsored generously and tirelessly to all new value which arose from our letters. The avant-garde movement invested him with the title of Chaplain. He directed the center of secondary education, Instituto Nacional de Occidente, in Leon, Nicaragua. One critic said that the poet was more vivientemente poet who had known. He spoke Greek fluently. He undertook a translation of the Iliad that unfortunately not brought to an end, preventing as asserts Pablo Antonio Cuadra, that Nicaragua would give to the world that new version of the great Homer, translated into a language conversational and almost folk singing. In 1954, he died, Franciscan and poorly, in his poor parish of Corinth, where he was given, as he wanted, a burial of poor. Certainly, there are other poets, writers who have left his legacy, as Juan nde Dios Vanegas, his son Ali, Mariano Fiallos, among others. The great prayer of Alfonso Cortes the time poem is hunger and space is frioorad, pray, that only the plegariapuede satisfy the cravings of the vacuum. The dream is a rock solitariaen where the soul Eagle nests: sonad, sonad, between daily life.