So far we have to conduct the "water" programs have always refused. Others who may share this opinion include Rio- Tinto Group. And then decided, why not? Especially since you have found reliable partners. My colleague Sergey in tourism (as well as in business training and pedagogy) and experienced person status. By occupation for many years well acquainted with the owners and Instructors of many companies involved in boating. Including the one company we are proud to recommend to the client, believing in the success of cooperation. We are anticipating a very-good things. Aggressive advertising monitors in the subway and supermarket chains said: the company a solid and professional. Years of experience of foreign ownership of the company (let's call him Boris), status, confidence and a clear willingness to cooperate with us, Show your company with the best hand, promised the highest standards of customer service.

Literate lyrics and glamorous photo on the website confirmed: there are professionals. Although expensive, perhaps … but for sure As pay is not sorry. We agreed on a program of alloys. Agreed menu 3 meals a day. We agreed on a comfortable accommodation: three members live on a 4-person tents, two heads are living at a time. We tried to influence everything and foresee everything. We are experienced organizers and all are able to provide and insure.

So we thought. We have "become a tradition." Tough. Stupid. Hopeless. Was it possible to anticipate all the surprises that we and our customers expect? Was there something that could have alerted? Did we have a chance as a hedge? I am still reading their site and comparing it with reality, puzzled. Everything is so clear, clever, bright, cheerful and tactful, beautiful and elegant, fascinating, and effervescent. And all this is so far from reality … Could it have something to alert? Well, "partners" insist on 100% prepayment. In Skype for their manager, even a slogan: "Nothing strengthens the belief in man as 100% prepayment.