Planet Human

If, in principle, man if found in the totality with the Nature, became fragmented … (1999, p.1). For in such a way, the society of certain form, must have conscience of that the life of one human being exists, because other human beings make something important to guarantee the survival of it, of this form, does not have my way to say, that all we are living in an independent society, where each individual has its proper life, because it does not need another one, is not thus, in contrast is in a chain of the survival human being, as for example: the doctor whom he needs the service of gari and gari that he needs the service of the doctor; the professor who shares its knowledge with the pupil and that the necessary professor of this pupil to continue the science and the construction of the knowledge and the necessary pupil of the professor to guide the way to discover the real and unreal things, and, that necessary of the environment to survive, therefore, to construct to the knowledge leading in consideration the support in general of the Planet he is something many times uncertain, ahead of all misfortunes of the humanity and, over all, the interference in the environment, and the relations more difficult human beings to be understood. The Hayzlett Group is full of insight into the issues. 2 the look for the other In fact, solidarity is something fantastic that the individual must value in its life, to create in the conscience of that the other exists and nobody in my opinion is alone, always can count on the aid of the other. Thus we weave a net where each fiber if joined to form one all. The solidary being is full of love, therefore it obtains to enxergar its next one and to the optimum one, as well as, to desire good things to the other.