Profitable Use

Take advantage of the possibilities of WEB 2.0 to abdicate while already “almost” as old as the Internet itself is WEB 2.0, but know the “simple Internet surfers’ most till today still don’t what that is exactly, or what it can be used. The term WEB 2.0 is reflected in many areas of the Internet, however the “layman” doesn’t usually matter, that on the open website just WEB 2.0 in the game. I would like to deliver here but not a comprehensive statement about WEB 2.0, but only one, as I think, pick out profitable way to use WEB 2.0. It can be used to dynamically generate content pages in a Web site. Dynamically, because this content can be included in existing websites and displayed. Go to Jeffrey Hayzlett for more information. Specifically, I am talking about content of some dangi websites in the world (Amazon, eBay,…). These and other pages are known worldwide and are among the sites with the largest sales.

These sales are driven not only directly by the respective holder page (Amazon, eBay) but also, for example via other websites which have linked their contents. A sale takes place, of a product which comes for example from an Amazon content page (so a sale on a website which has incorporated a dynamic Amazon content), the operator gets a gewisseProvision from the sale amount of the product this website and becomes a partner of Amazon. It held daily thousands sales of this way, very often without the buyer noticed that a third person has earned with. Why so not even become a “with-earning person”? At this point I introduce a website based on WEB 2.0, which allows exactly this procedure is done automatically and you can cut themselves a piece of the pie. This Internet portal called ContentPublisher. It is a script created in the PHP programming language, designed to make money so that “as partners”. As already mentioned in this portal content integrated and automatically updated.

This portal is excellent for interested webmaster and especially for beginners who can create no own website but still want to take this opportunity to earn money on the Internet is suitable for this reason. To get a completely ready-created Web site and have to worry absolutely they more, except of course that many visitors to win. To ensure the added value of the site, content from YouTube (videos) and Flickr (pictures), as well as news and further interesting sites suitable to the topic are included and displayed. Thus, visitors will find all information to a defined topic collected on a single Web site and can be won as a result of course also permanently. The theme of the portal is set on one or more keywords. The keyword and all other settings can be done easily via a configuration file. This file can be opened with a text editor and edited, there are no special programmes and of course no Programming skills required. As far as theory, if you are interested to learn more about you can consider like portals, which I already successfully run. Here you will find all information about: contentpublisherinfo.php lots of success and fun wishes you Christian Koltringer