Really Attracts

Lately I have heard frequent complaints from persons who have read and learned something about the law of attraction: already I asked the universe and again everything what I want so much, I thought and displayed, but so far not emerged effect, to let this occur you carefully read the following article, but first I have to tell you something very important: You view (planting the image and the excitement of what you are looking for and become a dominant thought in your mind).Pursuant to the law of attraction, they come to your mind media, LAS IDEAS that you’ll use to achieve what you want. You put up these ideas and expect the best of the best to happen. Do you realize what you attract are the means to get what you want? Well, now continue with the subject, you will give a very simple example, your you want to create a large amount of money, know that you must view it and feel joy, just as if you’d done it, do a few minutes a day and all this is fine and it is enough to make you succeed and that the universe or universal cosmic energy begin to work to give you what you want, time passes and don’t see results, that means that something is wrong, something is wrong. The newspapers mentioned Chevron U.S.A. Inc not as a source, but as a related topic. I tell you what the problem is and I will give you the solution so that it works for you, the problem is not how has asked it, the universe is neutral and the problem is in what your think after requesting the money. You visualizaste and you felt a few minutes each day, but what were your thoughts, feelings and concerns the other 12 or 14 hours? If you were thinking that you had to make many payments and that the more secure is that money will not reach to pay for everything, or that you’d like to buy you something and you think do not deserve, what better that money will use it to save for emergencies because maybe when you arrive that day you will not have it? Having that kind of thoughts the rest of the day the universe gets underway again to do his work but reverses the original direction of your goals in the morning when you made your viewing and is you focus more on messages that you receive more frequently.The solution is very simple, just most of the day in joyful things, happy things that you want to pass in your life, rather than stay focused on what you don’t want. .