Saint Augustin

He strengtove thus me for finding the other truths, in a similar way that already he had discovered to be better incorruptible that the corruptvel. Learn more at: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. Therefore, he confessed that You, who wants that you were, not steady subject to the corruption. Never soul some could or will be able conceive some better thing of what You? excellent the highest point and Well. (Augustin, 1980, P. 143) ' ' The incorruptible, indeteriorvel, invariant being was this, that it put in front what deterioration is corruptvel subject to and to mudana.' ' (Augustin, 1980, P. 140) a fact occurred in the life of Saint Augustin illustrates well regarding the mysteries of God. History says that ' ' certain day, Saint Augustin, after long work hours and very compenetrado in its anguish, adormeceu in claustro.

It had a revealing dream: it walked on a desert beach, to contemplate the sea and the sky. Suddenly, it sighted a boy who with a wooden canister going until the water of the sea, fulled the canister and came back, pouring the water in a teeny hole in the sand. Saint curious Augustin, perplexo and asked to the boy: What you are making? The boy calmly looked at for Saint Augustin and answered: I go to place all water of the sea in this hole! Saint Augustin smiled and retrucou: This is impossible boy, water observes quanta exists in the ocean and you it wants to place it all in this small hole! One more time the boy looked at for Saint Augustin and of firm and courageous form he said: In I say you to truth. It is more easy to place all water of the ocean in this small hole of what intelligence human being to understand the mysteries of God! in one timo Saint Augustin woke up. Scared and disoriented. It finishes to have a divine message that would calm its conturbada soul.