Woman Of My Dreams

I search a woman who brings me affection, friendship, love and ternura. That she is a beautiful woman. when I speak of beauty I do not only search that skin with I smell of petals, a mouth that is as a tunnel of mysteries, adocicada with the honey of the life, a beautiful pair of legs, a escultural body that calls the attention the world. Clearly that I want a woman of skin of petals, hair capable to leave me inebriados with its smell and maciez, the sereia voice, the meiguice look endows, it with the sensuality and the sexuality. But, that these attributes will be valid, if they will not be folloied of a love complicity, of a partnership of dreams, a duplicity of planning for the gift and the future? I want a woman who I have much will to kiss in the mouth, to acariciar its body, to desire it in all its fullness. But that its mouth they leave words of aconchego and that of its body exhales I smell it of the allegiance and the fellowship. I want a woman drives crazy who me of passion with its hands, with its hugs, but that she comes folloied of the true love, the love of respect to next, the love to the love. I want a woman of shades, of flames, sonhadora, realist but that, also, either guide, I hug fraterno, friend, woman in the feminine essencialidade of the true intentions.

I want a woman of body and soul, of kisses and fight, that is woman in the essencialidade of the attitudes. If to find, I also want to be its man, friend, reliable of what desire in the woman, respecting it in its rights and wills, loving it as a woman must be loved and well-taken care of, such which a flower, such which a warrior of all the moments. I will give to flowers in the anniversaries and dates to it special, I will leave bilhetinhos gotten passionate in the door of the room, in the wardrobe, I will kiss it all hours where she will be necessary to leave, when to arrive, where to find it, in all the love moments. To love if learns loving, respecting. This woman exists and can be you. This man exists, does not know who is, but I can be (Sergio Morenno)