SAP PLM BOM Management

A central view of all master data in SAP so that business processes run smoothly into each other, product master data need to be merged uniformly. Thereby, all relevant data for the entire duration of the product life cycle must be managed centrally and consistently. conarum helps to build of a platform that provides a consolidated view of product-related data and a fast process. The consulting package includes the following services: Standardization of master data integration of decentralized distributed product master data of central access to product information simple management of changes made to parts lists and thus optimum interaction of the affected departments such as procurement and production a single master view creates transparency. Lots of administrative duplication and unnecessary error are reduced.

The situation locally distributed product master data (documents and material masters, group – work BOM) in different productive SAP – systems led to redundant, inconsistent, or not current product data. Overarching business processes based on were time consuming and error-prone. The Produktentstehungs – or product change processes in the various organizations were not standardized. The task group-wide unification of all product master data (documents, material, group BOM) as well as the appropriate investment and change processes. Plant-specific master data (work piece list) may be applied only on the basis of the created group BOM and changed. Divergent positions, may not be used as the (material given in the consolidated bill of materials, documents), in work BOM. Change management (SAP ECM) SAP – is system-wide. A “single point of entry” provides central access to all product master data in the different SAP – systems and a central platform for all Produktentstehungs – and product change processes. Prerequisite for a consolidation of all processes across all areas and across systems are: the steps of the process provided the right editors at the right time at the disposal.