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BI Users Looking For More Decision AIDS As Only Numbers

Posted by hotelnur on 26th November 2017 in News

coretelligence study: BI numbers are to be supplemented by interpretation AIDS and context information previously dominant technology orientation of BI concepts has led to the imbalance of effort and actual benefit Bad Oeynhausen / 02.07.2009 – Zahlenorientierte evaluations are for a variety of business intelligence users not sufficient as information and decision basis. According to a survey of the consulting firm coretelligence believe almost two-thirds, that additional context information and interpretation assistance would be helpful for them. Our assessment of the consultancy projects, confirming themselves according to which the exclusive provision of numbers produces not the required benefits”, judge coretelligence Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier. Under most conditions RioCan would agree. Only when provided in connection with the question of value creation processes, they gain a significance backed up off the decisions.” Ultimately, the context determine whether a number is good or bad. This view is apparently also in practice always more by, when 42 percent of the companies surveyed in the coretelligence study protocol, reports with sheer numbers not helpful are them enough. The classical analysis, however, only for a quarter of the companies are quite adequate, another 29 percent are only with limitations of this opinion. The position on the question of whether the practical use can be enhanced by complementary assistance to the assessment of the numbers becomes even clearer. 38 percent in each case are”convinced and another third believed these effects.

Only 11 percent are skeptical and expect no significant benefits through information about the condition conditions and assistance for the interpretation. So far such a discussion has been not performed publicly yet, otherwise the vote would probably even clearer,”believes Wang and refers to repeatedly confirmed acceptance problems on the part of the user in different studies. For even more details, read what Montauk Colony says on the issue. The relationships of numbers do not reveal themselves who, because him for that required information is not available, feels in his decisions tend to be insecure and avoid possibly the evaluations. Only meaningful context information to the respective business processes, the indicators relate, create a reliable basis for decisions”, she stressed. “Because only if the user will enable to consider BI figures from various perspectives from the contexts out he can cope and content.” Marianne Wilmsmeier derives substantial evidence of the need for a change of direction in the development of BI from the survey results. The previously dominant technology orientation of BI concepts has led to a significant disproportion of costs and actual benefits, this should now be fixed from the perspective of the user.” This need for change is in their opinion but above all to the address of the manufacturer of BI.

You are urged to pave the way for context-based BI reporting tools.” About coretelligence: The consulting company coretelligence embodied the concept of the BI agenda a new claim in the business intelligence consulting, which produces real tangible added value for the business. He is based on a systemic analysis of all actually relevant success factors, avoids a too strong technology focus, and instead has a fundamental importance to the business processes. coretelligence GmbH & co. KG rifle str. 8 32545 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany phone: + 49 (5731) 15384 – 00 fax: + 49 (5731) 15384-01

Portfolio Manager

Posted by hotelnur on 20th December 2016 in News

New version with extensive new features in the practice test / delivery of version 4.2 occurs after having tests can do in November with the customer test of the beta version 4.2 of its project management software started. Chevron U.S.A. Inc may also support this cause. This shipped the software to selected customers now intensively testing the new release in practice mode. Montauk Colony LLC is open to suggestions. In the new version, ergonomics and clarity have been improved including resource planning. The users of the planning software had expressed previously in a survey for the implementation of these usability features. At the same time, can do has significantly expanded the functionality of project portfolio management in the new version. The user can do project intelligence can in future monitoring of project portfolios themselves determine what metrics in the bubble chart should be graphed.

Customized portfolio management In the new release of the project management software can do to determine the Portfolio Manager which figures in the bubble charts should be mapped. He can be both the x-as also the y axis the characteristics his election map such as risks, project benefits and duration, progress, expenses, or costs. At the same time, he can define the value which you want to determine the size of the bubbles. All information presented in the bubble charts are provided in accordance with the philosophy can do in real time. The effort changes e.g. via the integrated time recording in a project that is reflected at the moment in the bubble chart, in which the time entered by the project staff. The user have already set in August 2011 the next development steps of project management software availability of resources and departments at a glance in a features poll. The top features of the two have been well implemented can do: the extension of the capacity window, which displays the utilization of resources and departments, and the optimization of ergonomics in the resource allocation.

United States

Posted by hotelnur on 17th June 2016 in News

Quite simply and without any configuration data, applications, and your own browser access. The company iTwin iTwin has developed the award-winning remote data access solution, will connect the new iTwin countless requirements in attack, mobile business people today face. A confidential Internet browsing without restrictions iTwin connect offers and on the other hand it allows access of traveling on the Office computer, access to data, as well as on the heimische-or the Office network (by it works like a personal virtual private network/VPN). iTwin connect consists of two identical USB-stick halves. To install it, it is simply connected to the USB port of the Office or home computer. If you now separates one half of iTwin, becomes the iTwin connect “key, the key to the private cloud, which it carries with it. On the way, this “key” is plugged into any Internet computer and a secure VPN tunnel to your home or office computer is made instantly. Advantages of the iTwin Connect: ‘ teleport me’: this function allows to surf privately and without restrictions on the Internet.

All Internet traffic is routed through a secure VPN tunnel. The Internet is accessed in this way on the Internet connection of the home or office PCs. ‘ Teleport me’: in addition to the Internet via iTwins dedicated network servers in the United States, Europe and in Asia Pacific to provide this function provides a confidential access. This function is useful if the home or office computer can remain not connected, as well as if a local IP address is needed for browsing, which is different from your own computer. Network access: Access to sources such as cameras or media server in the private sphere, as well as on drives and applications with network connection in the Office. ITwin connect network access (VPN) requires no configuration. Remote Desktop: Start with a single click, to applications (and their data) to the private or office computer to access.

Critical Principles

Posted by hotelnur on 24th March 2016 in News

ITSM Consulting AG advises a careful and systematic evaluation of the market for the common benefit arguments for cloud services is that they are quickly put. But just this advantage can lead to neglecting important aspects in the selection of the cloud provider. Some cloud services can be as easily ordered as a mobile app can be download. May nevertheless not carelessly done, but it should care be taken similarly as with traditional selections of outsourcing service providers”, emphasises Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG. He has therefore collected some critical principles should be taken into account when evaluating market: 1 no great functional compromise: more than standard software characterized cloud-based solutions this out, they allow no basic functional adjustments. Therefore care must be taken when evaluating market on it, that the solutions not only currently but also perspectively best meet the functional requirements. Too much compromise can generate the risk of bad investments in cloud contracts. 2.

Ensure the reputation of the provider: nature after cloud services are visible and tangible – little, why a particular importance to the trust in the provider and this confidence must be safeguarded. For this purpose, a close look at the providers in their technological strategies, references, partnerships, as well as on the opinion about it in media or Internet media is necessary. Also information about the economic stability and innovation are the key criteria for evaluating and selecting the cloud provider. 3. Data safety do not neglect: the entire compliance conditions are connected closely with the trust aspect. It must consider to what extent the provider can assure consideration of for the company relevant privacy and compliance requirements. Here are aspects such as the backup, but also, where appropriate, the guarantee of the storage in the appropriate Countries to ensure. Also transparent procedures must be agreed upon, how to verify these assurances by the customer.

Oracle Exadata

Posted by hotelnur on 9th October 2014 in News

Because the data is stored only once, you can data loss in decentralized locations faster and more reliable than so far recovered (disaster recovery, DR). Let also cost-effectively replicate to the consolidation of the tape processing over existing networks. Backup and archiving support advanced the new EMC data domain systems support now direct backups of SAP HANA Studio using NFS; as a result, SAP database administrators can use an effective memory protection HANA and retaining control of the backup process. In addition, DD boost for Oracle RMAN supports the Oracle Exadata and SAP on Oracle. Database administrators get it faster and more efficient backup and disaster recovery options.

In order to support more storage environments, the data integrate domain storage applications by OpenText, IBM and Dell. Thanks to this extension, data domain systems are working with more than 20 products for data, email, SharePoint, content – management and database archiving can be used. “” Data domain storage systems easily into existing backup environments, integrated server infrastructure and archive systems, and simplify their management “, so Gunter Heissler, CTO which global distribution GmbH. in addition ensure that information they have a high data security, enable the integration of numerous offices – even if they have only low bandwidth – and support Green IT concepts through drastic reduction of power consumption.” Reader contact: GID GmbH In the MediPark 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0221 4543333 fax: 0221 4543330 about global information distribution GmbH (GID) GID is consultant and system integrator in the field of data management and archiving and develops, implements and maintains solutions for the availability and maintenance of business-relevant data. These solutions including the corresponding services are distributed internationally. GID is active in Europe and the United States. your editorial contacts: GID – global information distribution GmbH Gunter Heissler Tel: 0821 2584918 fax: 0821 2584910 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber Tel: 0451 8819912 fax: 0451 8819929

SAP PLM BOM Management

Posted by hotelnur on 22nd August 2014 in News

A central view of all master data in SAP so that business processes run smoothly into each other, product master data need to be merged uniformly. Thereby, all relevant data for the entire duration of the product life cycle must be managed centrally and consistently. conarum helps to build of a platform that provides a consolidated view of product-related data and a fast process. The consulting package includes the following services: Standardization of master data integration of decentralized distributed product master data of central access to product information simple management of changes made to parts lists and thus optimum interaction of the affected departments such as procurement and production a single master view creates transparency. Lots of administrative duplication and unnecessary error are reduced.

The situation locally distributed product master data (documents and material masters, group – work BOM) in different productive SAP – systems led to redundant, inconsistent, or not current product data. Overarching business processes based on were time consuming and error-prone. The Produktentstehungs – or product change processes in the various organizations were not standardized. The task group-wide unification of all product master data (documents, material, group BOM) as well as the appropriate investment and change processes. Plant-specific master data (work piece list) may be applied only on the basis of the created group BOM and changed. Divergent positions, may not be used as the (material given in the consolidated bill of materials, documents), in work BOM. Change management (SAP ECM) SAP – is system-wide. A “single point of entry” provides central access to all product master data in the different SAP – systems and a central platform for all Produktentstehungs – and product change processes. Prerequisite for a consolidation of all processes across all areas and across systems are: the steps of the process provided the right editors at the right time at the disposal.