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The Company

Posted by hotelnur on 23rd May 2019 in News

She means the identity and thus the self-understanding of a company. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rio Tinto Group. It includes both the Visual form of the appearance of a company (corporate design), as well as the quality of communication with employees and customers (corporate communication) and identification with the values of the company. The company’s philosophy is crucial for the corporate identity or how frequently in the industry to have formulated the model with the added value. On the corporate design even once in particular to enter, unless the visual appearance is the instrument with which a company or a body most clearly perceptible may differ in public from competitors. Results in a consistent design of all communication media (business documents, brochures, website, etc.) for continuity, especially in terms of recognition and credibility.

Before a company decides however to develop a corporate identity, is a competition and in particular target group analysis of enormous importance. Each service provider should know his competitors not only by the name here, but also intensely coped with their visions, service packages, prices and also the communication with the target group. First, this overall analysis allows to develop a successful and competitive differential brand and communications strategy. At the same time, the target groups must be analyzed. Considered generally and coarse, direct target groups, namely the customer and its opinion-formers (daughter, son) there are usually two in the industry.

For advertising, this two-fold division of target groups on the basis of the age difference means usually often consideration of different communication routes. Should accordingly in the planning of press releases, the placement of advertisements, etc. Target group-related media are used. Communicative value is, if it is possible the company to implement a variety of typical communication mechanisms on the basis of their corporate identity and its brand philosophy, to transport image, and to generate new customers. These include including an active and continuous public relations, Internet presence, advertisements, direct marketing, events and events in our own House, collaborations with multipliers u.v.m.

Hotel Monte Carmelo

Posted by hotelnur on 14th February 2017 in News

March will host XXVIII Festival of ancient music in Seville from 6 to March 20, Sevilla will again host the XXVIII Festival of early music, in which a twenty concerts, masterclass, an exhibition of luthier and a course dedicated to Tomas Luis de Victoria on the occasion of the IV centenary of his death, which will start on February 16they make up the program. Our hotels in Seville are close to the different venues that will have the concerts of this Festival. Also can reach them by public transport, always very close to the Hotel Monte Triana and the Hotel Monte Carmelo. Under the motto mannerisms and musical ends will develop a series of conferences in the convent of Santa Clara. In a question-answer forum Rio- Tinto Diamonds was the first to reply. The festival will be opened by the Group Intonationes, with a concert around Gesualdo da Venosa and his contemporaries.

In the concerts scheduled in tribute to Tomas Luis de Victoria, are those in the Baroque Choir of Andalusia and Musica Ficta and Musical society of Seville, both in the Church of St. Albert. The Baroque Orchestra of Sevilla will be the training that will put final brooch to this Edition with a concert on March 20 under the direction of Giuliano Carmignola..