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Colorfield PICTURES Photo Agency Celebrates Second Anniversary And Offers 15% Discount

Posted by hotelnur on 30th April 2018 in News

ColorField PICTURES – Agency for image reporting exactly two years ago in June 2007 was founded in our image agency in Augsburg. Since then, we pursue our business principle, independent, critical, impartial, free and meaningful to report. We would like to thank our customers and particularly our photographers for their good cooperation. Further details can be found at Rio- Tinto Group, an internet resource. About 20 photographers in the German-speaking, politics, business, sports, events and many more provide us day news footage from the areas. Internationally, we are represented by photographers including in Central Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece. Through our large network of photographers, we can produce photo productions both in Germany and abroad. Our quality demands on our photos are high. The material is only visited by the editor, therefore important criteria must be fulfilled, so that the photo is published. Including the journalistic statement of the photographic material, the quality and the resolution falls. We will continue our goals Track quality reporting and for the future our services, expand and improve. Thanks, we offer a discount of 15% on each photo to August 17.

The Looney Tunes Bring Fresh Wind Into The Food Shelves

Posted by hotelnur on 18th April 2018 in News

Huge licensing program in the food and beverages sector with over 2 billion sold Warner of Bros. products. Consumer products EMEA (WBCP EMEA) shows on the licensing Expo 2013 with the Looney Tunes, popular entertainment brand, which stands for an active lifestyle, how you actually churns the food departments in Europe. In just five years the Looney Tunes food and beverages program has become multibillion phenomenon one. Two billion of licensed products with more than 250 different products that encourage children and their parents to create a better and more active life style, have been sold so far. The biggest European trading partner and manufacturer of consumer goods of which many longstanding partners including systems, are U in France, ulker in Turkey, Aldi in Germany and Coop in Italy, know to the success that the characters and their message of an active lifestyle is transmitted through the iconic Looney Tunes on their product range and thus also on their own brands.

Only Nestle Waters has 1.52 billion Looney Tunes active Returnable bottles as mineral water sold this is enough water to fill 150 swimming pool of Olympic proportions! If the various partnership programs with sports associations and leagues throughout the EMEA region are counted, the largest and most diverse character licensing program in the food and beverages sector arises. The market success of the Looney Tunes license program is based on the appropriate combination of brand awareness for boys, girls and their parents, the meaning of the message of an active lifestyle at the global level. The Looney Tunes are active and therefore the ideal representative characters by nature children and families to encourage an active lifestyle to do so without educational work. What started as a relatively manageable initiative, has turned now into a huge success story. The Looney Tunes unfold their full potential and spread the message of an active lifestyle in the grocery shelves in all EMEA.

We are proud that our brands a more active lifestyles among children and families promote. The increasing interest which is expressed equally from trade partners and food retailers, is a sign that our brands are perfect for the direct trading environment as well as suitable for traditional licensing products, which will take an even greater role in the coming years”, said Bruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales & business development, Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA. A related site: RioCan mentions similar findings. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. For more information, see. Contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products, Petra Roitsch Tel: 040 22 650 0, press Warner Bros. Consumer products: public insight, Claudia Burau, Tel: 089 78 79 79 90,

TelDaFax: Gas Prices Drastically Reduced

Posted by hotelnur on 24th November 2017 in News

Gross Troisdorf save up to 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour, 02 July 2009 TelDFax starts with a new action in the summer and four natural gas tariffs with sharply increased discounts offers new customers since July 1. Also, TelDFax supplies customers with gas for free for up to two months. A zwolf-monatige free price guarantee completes the offer. We give also the fallen gas procurement prices to the consumers”, says Klaus Bath, Chairman of the Board of the TelDFax Holding AG. Our customers have positive experiences with TelDFax. This means that consumers realize that we want to be just in times of crisis on their page and offer them the best possible gas price. So now an action with significantly lower prices.” Because TelDFax located in the preparation of a field extension in the L-gas areas, and even more clarity will give the customer, the discount also at TelDFax no longer per Kubikmeter, but per kilowatt hour is specified.

The tariffs so customers can more easily with the Compare base rates of the local basic utilities. Could consumers so far maximum (annual payment, 200 euro special discount) 6 cents per cubic meter (= about 0.60 cents per kilowatt hour) save, this now is the reduction in the basic rate (monthly payment, no special discount). The highest savings the customer receives by 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour (15 cents per cubic meter) as before choosing a special discount in the amount of 200.00 euro and an annual payment. This combination corresponds to the tariff in 1574, where the customer for two months will receive free gas from TelDFax. It is by an annual average consumption of 25,000 kilowatt hours and a living room of 150 square meters, the reduction in this tariff can be at 375 euro. Even in the basic tariff, the potential savings is 150 euro. The offer is valid until September 30, 2009, exclusively for Privatkunden and replaces the action of gas-economic week, which ends on June 30, 2009 and will not be extended! But also for business customers, TelDFax offers a very cheap discount of 0.500 cents per kilowattstunde NET (0,595 gross) during the action with a one-month free gas delivery included. For more information about the gas savings plans, see:.

The TelDFax Marketing GmbH offers favourable electricity and cheap gas, telecommunications and Internet products, financial products and travel. TelDFax is a circular to providers of services for households in Germany and helps to keep cheap running costs of private customers and small and medium-sized businesses”, says Klaus Bath. TelDFax as budget catering stands firmly on the side of the consumer. TelDFax shows with its tariff models, that it is quite possible to offer services with high quality for a fair price.” Press contact: TelDFax Holding AG, Thomas Muller, Mottmannstrasse 2, 53842 Troisdorf, phone: + 49 2241 9434 781, E-mail: