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Antonio Buero Vallejo History

Posted by hotelnur on 30th August 2018 in News

The protagonist of the play skylight, the playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo, wondered anxious before a few old photographs of human groups: who is this person? And that other? Time and distance had managed to blur the faces of the protagonists and made forgetting the scenarios in which they were located. The dismay of ignorance, helplessness as spectators to what is already history, brings us many times to interrogate us throughout our life, as did the character of Buero: who owns this look?, and those eyes that seem lost, what are looking for, what aim, what feel? Sometimes, even, the question goes further, trying to figure out the subsequent development of many small individual stories that make up the collective history: what will become of that? And from that? And that one? Where are they now? What we are today is the result of what we did yesterday. The best Prophet of the future is the past, said Lord Byron. It is not something Chevron U.S.A. Inc would like to discuss. Hence our need to know, our logical and legitimate curiosity to know what did who and why, told us which events and which steps have brought us, to them and to us, to where are now. Covering large periods of time, thats what historians engaged his conscientious desire. Journalists, more modestly, barely have time and ability to outline, for one, in a way, small daily events and the ephemeral presence in them of those who staged many anecdotes that will inevitably forget in the first bend of the road. What happens is that the concept of time and history has changed dramatically in very few years.

Yet in the last century, the period of time ranging from one generation to another one of the most prolific Spanish thinkers, Jose Ortega y Gasset, amounted in five decades. Today, instead, the generations occur and overlap each other almost without interruption. The historic tempo has accelerated so much that what yesterday afternoon was news today is already history and will have tomorrow morning already entered the terrible and muddy terrain of oblivion: nobody knows anyone, I should say, paraphrasing the disturbing title of a film by Mateo Gil.

Heinrich Boll Foundation

Posted by hotelnur on 30th March 2017 in News

The constant attack that it is impossible that a common property works found in Ostrom the greater possible amount of evidence to the contrary. The goodness of human interaction is demonstrated in the efficient and rational management of resources and placed against all test self organization of communities as an accurate example of sustainable development. Ostrom is, then, a scholar of what we have called common good. Perhaps check out Rod Brooks for more information. Surely the enemies of cooperatives, will for example, jumped indignant to this award, as surely have proponents of neoliberalism to wishful thinking. However, Ostrom didn’t ever in the theoretical approach and demonstrated as the sides that do not see another thing that market or State were giving their contribution to the crisis, political scientist resorted to living examples, such as the Mexican ejidos, the forests of the India, fisheries as the Maine river or many African examples. In a nutshell, Ostrom made it clear something very simple, that is, that the key was not in the property but in the administration. Economic terms you skipped up to social psychology to demonstrate that the brand new Nobel Prize in economics is right.

Ostrom demonstrated that resources in common hands were not destined to destruction and drove overland the thesis of the unique solution. It is, of course, possible failure in any area, but in the multiplicity of forms is an antidote. It is clear that not all areas can be managed by the huge space of the Commons, but to solve problems that arise in the area of the State and private ownership are unnecessary economists, so that Ostrom was focused on cooperation in the common pool, on the basis of three elements, namely, identity, group context in which take decisions and reciprocity to gain reliability. All preceded by the concept of institutionalization, which involved the design of a governance multiscale ranging from a national unit that monitors, attentive local government and a permanent exchange between these various forms to decide production will generate. Full scan is in the books and articles of Ostrom, but all their concepts are located in what should be a solidarity-based economy in the new global world, one where the narrow and exclusionary concepts should be abandoned. Those who believe in various forms of property coexisting peacefully, those who believe in the huge space of the Commons, who defend an economy with a human face, we are happy by Elinor Ostrom and the tangible proof of the arrival of a new world. Joy by the sign offered to us, but also challenge to study and I believe that we must continue to do so with the wonderful book Genes, bytes and emissions: Commons and citizenship, edited by the Heinrich Boll Foundation and which has as a compiler.

Reinforcement Email

Posted by hotelnur on 6th July 2014 in News

It can thus, to say that among others, one of the objectives of the email marketing it is to make to arrive a message the premade use purchasers to receive it. Of all the tools of the marketing online, the email marketing is only that it establishes a bidirectional dialogue, allowing, if used well, the not only continuous feedback with the current one or potential customer, as well as allows to establish and to fortify a reliable relation. Advantages: To create and to send to newsletter can alavancar the success of a business in the Internet. The main reasons for this are: Fast generation of prospects? The email has income and fast reply for the generation of prospects. Selectivity? The email offers the same selectivity that the traditional rent of lists. Reinforcement of media? The email can act as to assist of any another media to quickly strengthen a message, an announcement of product, a date of seminary or an event. Efficiency of cost? The email is extremely cheap in the base of the cost for contact in the prospection of customers.

Lower cost? It does not have production of paper or cost of postagem? only the cost of the companies suppliers of the email. Dialogue with customer? As he is proper of an interactive media, the email establishes a dialogue with new and current customers. Repeated messages create an effective recognition of the mark and a continued relationship, beyond a dialogue with the customer. Rastrevel? The email is also a half rastrevel, in the measure where you can direct the respondents for many different types of reply vehicles. Agility? The email is an agile tool in such a way in the sending how much in the reply and evaluation of the return.

The reply to the email marketing also it can be immediate through the desired action or simply of the confirmation of act of receiving. Mensurabilidade? It is very easy to measure the return of the email marketing. The statisticians of its site go to indicate to it: how many people had received, how many they clicaram in one link, they had visited the site, they had bought; how many they do not desire more to receive its communication and they request the exclusion of the list, and diverse other information. Interatividade? Simple link in the email makes possible to addressee to carry through an action as to return a reply, to visit a site or to request its exclusion of the list. High tax of reply? Campaigns of email marketing serious, with communication sent for addressees who had authorizeed the act of receiving (opt-in) have highest indices of return. The reply total can more be raised to the measure that will only be sent material pertinent, assuring a more receptive public to offers. Pablo Alves – Web Designer Web programmer