Dynamic Assessment Center

Motivating learning instrument rather than intimidating test method of dynamic assessment centres are in their combination of real life simulations using complex interlocking of exercises the probably most effective method, the both – both competence and potential analysis as too direct and sustainable learning effects – enables. “Long time the assessment Center was considered the hardest personnel selection process in the world. Today, assessment centres are increasingly used in human resources development. A study of the working circle Assessment Center e.V. 2008 noted that nearly two-thirds of all AC in the companies with the objective potential analysis and development take place. The same study was that 63 percent of all AC are already full developments and another 34 percent have at least a company-specific adaptation.

The trend away from the product off the shelf and to the bespoke AC – is abundantly clear. Dynamic assessment Center (AC) are the latest trend in. Can the dynamic assessment centres for selection purposes and to the Human resources development are used. The exercise design makes the essential difference to the traditional assessment. Business model, industry and product language of the company are as well represented as relevant challenges of current and future practice of the participants.

The exercises follow a red thread and are mostly interlinked. Spontaneous feedback is one of the fixed component of the dynamic assessment Center directly after each exercise. Thus, participants receive the opportunity to implement successful learning steps in further exercises and to demonstrate adaption – and ability to learn. Detailed information to dynamic assessment Center have been published as a white paper and is available for download under whitepapers/dynamic assessment-center / ready.