General Motors Corporation

For this reason, today when Governments and education authorities are concerned about improving coverage and trying to fill classrooms with this purpose, should be reminded that in this attempt unmissable sight quality or relevance.Perhaps both elements go hand in hand, but not always an academic program that yields quality credits is per are relevant, or vice versa.After this differentiation, the educational system will support assessments in both directions, although currently there are more schemes of evaluation of quality of relevance. However, there is a favourable scenario for thinking the topic, but it also imposes challenges, because the complex social reality, political and economic that is part of education today, it becomes harder to identify social demands and realities to be processed, partly because disciplinary borders has been deleted or they have raced, phenomena have no single cause that explains them and globalization has transformed the forms of production, the relation between the factors of production and procurement schemes.This has allowed that the productive sector caprock to the educational and demand this changes to respond to what it considers relevant. Perhaps there is no much discussion to consider a way of assessing the relevance is through the impact of the professionals in the Middle; which leads, no doubt, to an analysis between the University and the world of work, which is recommended to do through a process of tracking graduates.The results of this approach can be interpreted as relevance or labor impertinence, but it has limitations. For example, are heavily criticized graduates of recognized business schools in USA. UU., who being well located occupationally, they made mistakes that society rejects, as it could be the case of Stanley O Neal and John Tain, who were dismissed from their posts of Chairman and CEO before the bankruptcy of Merrill Lynch. Likewise, Rick Wagoner, Chief Executive of General Motors Corporation, had to resign before a request of President Obama, if the company wanted access to appropriations for the Department of the Treasury; While Christopher Cox, Chairman of bag and U.S. For more information see Mitsubishi.