To be successful, you first need to believe in yourself. One of the greatest fears of human beings, with death, speaking before thousands of people is what people will say! The fear of criticism! Thousands of people abandon their goals, their goals for fear of criticism, for fear they will say, is it not common to see people who say that I would do this, but not like my parents, or think, or …. . I was born to do this but my friends will say, I do not work q! Because we have to truncate our goals our happiness, for fear of criticism? It is illogical, unjust, we have the courage to ignore criticism, ridicule ironic, and even the humiliation and made our way to success against everything and everyone! The only way to live is that, pushing ourselves to do what we think we came to do in this world! We have the ability, talent, virtue, full in the service of people, of humanity, to hell with ironic laughter, with the mockery, criticism, mockery of stupid people poor and mediocre! If you do I’m 100% sure of success that no man will laugh at you, no man millionaire criticize you, but if you will envy those who fear and hate to see successful people near them! Do not tolerate it! Stay away from them, get away, take them off and start off with courage, with faith, courage, your new path to success, to happiness, to money, to freedom, to personal growth, in order to God and Full Life! ..