Working With Criticism And Objections

What do you feel when you criticize? How do you react when you disagree? Do you feel dependent on other people's opinions and the fear of critical evaluation? If you are emotional, it is likely that within you all literally boil. But the emotions – a bad adviser, especially in sales. Fear of objections can completely block in your initiative and desire to communicate with customers. If you want to become a best seller, for you it is unacceptable. Presented here are techniques for dealing with objections and criticisms will help you to overcome any barriers in business negotiations. The advantage of the above techniques lies in the fact that they are effective not only in sales, but also in everyday life.

Afraid of criticism? – Become a barrel! Natalia Rom in training 'Kamasutra communication' leads an interesting metaphor, you will be able to use effectively, meeting with criticism and objections of customers. If you have not yet formed a wholly self-confidence and you are sometimes influenced by the opinions of others, then using this technique you can easily overcome this dependence. N. Rum compares self-dependent with glass of water, filled with water. If such a glass to pour a cup of water (opinion of another person), then the glass overflow, and the water spill over the edge. Depending on what kind of proposition was (praise or criticism), a person with a model of self-experience cramming his enthusiasm or indignation. Another type of self-esteem – self-sustainable, free from the strong influence of others, inherent self-confident person.