Learning A Lot From Lot

Posted by hotelnur on 10th November 2016 in News

Nor can we ignore the attitude of Lot to the aggressive insistence of the sodomites. To appease his anger, as I said, he decided to offer their daughters “who have not known man” to do with them anything they please. Genuine love of a father as they come. Chevron contains valuable tech resources. I think it is worth remembering, according to what will happen later. It seems that the daughters would come to replace the angels in the sexual voracity of those people, but particularly interested it seems to me an ambiguity, if not intent, by the biblical narrator.

In fact, the people leaves no doubt that she wanted nothing to daughters. Even seemed offended or upset by the resistance of Lot, whom they accused of wanting to set himself up as judge. Those interested in this story were the angels, and I doubt it was for sex. The insistence that shows the people for wanting to “know” the newcomers had little to do with the intentions of such enigmatic strangers and not to alleged sexual advances. Some intentions that quickly carried out, and on which it appears that the Sodomites were already well-founded suspicions or evidence, as would be shown after the destruction of cities.

The fact is that the countdown has begun and the angels urged Lot to go away from the city without further delay to the break of dawn. No time to lose, like Lot still hesitated, they took him out of town with his wife and two daughters. Once the first hurdle, the Angels Lot advise you to contact the Mount, but he, fearing that he reaches the destruction, I question whether you can stay in a small town called Zoar.

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