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My sister not works now that my mother is becoming greater and need help, my hermana is not working. I feel very hurt because my turn to charge with everything: when you have to take it to the doctor, when it pone sick, whether to accompany her to make purchases, etc. what could do to get my sister collaborate? Yolanda Malaga (Spain) Dear Yolanda: rather than anything, would like to suggest that you explorases an issue with all the possible objetividad: are you absolutely sure that your sister is not attending your mother? Think about it, because it is possible that she meets other needs: not accompanying your mother, or spending nights in sailing to meet perhaps, is commissioned to be near her when things are going well (a form of accompany it which can you do not do or desprecies). If, despite everything, you still pareciendo that your sister not given anything, we suggest that you start to ask yourself another way situacion. Why not give your mother the attention to you, individually, can and want to give you, disfrutando from this contact and being at peace with your principles? Thinks that help your madre represents an oportunidad to narrow your relacion your mother is alive and close by, this alone is already a regalo, to transform it into a thankless effort? Take advantage of it, and if someone in your family does not do so, is his full right, in all case tries to let you know that an opportunity that can not be repeated is perdiendo. The y team if you have any query on the subject click here original author and source of the article. David Long spoke with conviction.


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If constantly wondering how to retrieve to your ex. You no longer have to worry more, because you are about to discover some secrets to win back your ex. Relationships are fragile bonds that must be continually nurtured and respected in order to prosper. Each person involved in a relationship is responsible for providing value to the other half in order to create a natural balance. But when this balance is broken, it is when problems start to occur.

An unbalanced relationship will dissolve over time, and this usually always leaves one of the two perplexed how to retrieve to your ex. Being the only one that works for a resolution can be a lonely and difficult proposition, but there are ways to save even the most bleak situations. Find out how with these secrets to win back your ex. What to do to win back your Ex? 1 Break contact. I say this seriously. Reduce or, if possible, break all contact with your ex for a few weeks. Stop the calls, stops sending him e-mails, text messages or anything like that nature.

At this point it is best agree with rupture and be totally cool about it. 2 It stops showing need. Nobody wants to be close to a needy person. Remember that you want to attract to your ex to it again, that does not feel pity for you. 3. Continue with your life. It is time to call your old friends whom you’ve neglected lately. Do it right now. He begins to have fun. Be happy by yourself is very important if you want to entice people into your life, and most importantly, if you want to know how to win back your ex. Now, listen carefully! I don’t want to scare you, but your ex won’t be there always. Your ex will find someone else and there starts everything, so if you want to win back your ex, you need to take action now! Click on the links that are down to discover how to retrieve to your ex in fast and easy way! Retrieves your ex in fast and easy way! Discover the best tips and tricks that will make your ex pray and beseech for relisting it so that you never again to leave! To know how to retrieve to your former now, Da Click here! Original author and source of the article


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A smile means a lot. It enriches who receives it; without beggaring who offers it. It lasts for a second but his memory, sometimes, is never cleared. Anonymous can transform someone’s life just with a smile! Smile more! Did you know that the face looks much more attractive when she smiles? Regardless of how the smile, the energy that radiates with a smile can literally, transform or change for good, a lifetime or at least the day of the person who receives it! Why it costs us so much smile? Smile must become something completely common and natural in our lives, we must do so at dawn, while we are grateful for a new day, by a new opportunity that is given to us to be able to achieve our goals, we sonriamos while we look at us in the mirror, we sonriamos while we go out to work, the University, in the end, we sonriamos very often. When you smile, you automatically forget your problems, and you focus on something pleasant unconsciously. The test beam, smiles and thinks about a problem have, at the same time. Is truth difficult? Why waste time worrying in vain and putting those scowling faces if we can smile! Begins to smile more, laugh more, not only you contagiaras your joy and enthusiasm to others, you will not only become a being more pleasant and attractive, but also can improve him the day someone, among many other benefits! Laugh more often, begins to smile, but starts today! Ya! Ok, so is best! Original author and source of the article

Luis Astrana

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Spanish literature professor at the University of Valencia (1936-1939) and Romance Philology in Madrid (1939-1968). Academic history and director of the Spanish on the death of Menendez Pidal. Damaso Alonso died in Madrid, on January 25, 1990. In his literary work should take into account his stories in prose cigar of twilight and violin, Cedula of eternity and a milky way. As his first book poems pure poet.

Poemillas city, appears in 1921. Wind and verse poems also appear in that year. Is in 1944 when Damasus, in addition to publishing his transcendental essays on Spanish poetry, which delve us deeply into the poetry of the golden age, published two books of poems by a great poetic emotion dark news and sons of the ira.: to express myself freely I needed the terrible jolt of the Spanish war. Children of wrath constituted a kind of earthquake that subvirtio poetic layers and did emerge to light the latent strata that nobody talked: break the formalism and shakes consciences. Damaso Alonso was a madrileno Crumhorn, was very famous among his generation of 27, his tenth devoted to Astrana Marin, which daily criticizing Gongora: my Lord don Luis Astrana, / miserable criticastro / you that you start with astro / ending up in frog Vicente Aleixandre tells us that he met Damaso Alonso in the summer of 1917. Progressed more tells us – and poetry came to his hidden passion.Have you ever read Ruben Darius? I remember his vehement Word ().

They were the first passionate words about poetry that I heard. Another great Andalusian poet Rafael Alberti has told us of Damaso: was gifted for poetry as the best, although write little, because of his exaggerated self-critical sense and here this kind of disappointment and insecurity which aplastaban him. It has been us the image of this enormous Damaso, essential to master, even for not finishing legit us of all teachers, and cordial man, simple transfundido in his poetry is all fear, contradictions and distrust of himself, and of all men, forced to rely on worldwide. And as the poet said: Damaso, seeing you would like / as long ago I saw you. / How long I was, / you see me me. Francisco Arias Solis do not have the freedom that have not their thirst.

Maria Felix

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Biography Oskar Werner was born into a poor family. As a teenager, most of his leisure time was spent with her grandmother when she was not involved in theatrical productions at her school. At 15 years old, Werner witnessed the Nazi persecution of Jews, which influenced him to become an adult in peace, fighting against nationalism and anti-Semitism. Mining: the source for more info. An uncle gave him the opportunity to participate as an extra in a movie, thanks to which got small roles in films. The young man then took diction lessons and began appearing on radio and in plays. On leaving school prematurely Werner, was recruited for military service. In 1944 he married Elisabeth Werner Kallina and they had a daughter. In December of that year decided to defect and remained hidden until the end of the war. In 1952 he moved to Liechtenstein, where he acquired a small plot and built a house, which eventually was expanded according to their own designs.Later he bought another house on the outskirts of Krems, Austria, where, as in the first, spent long periods alone. Werner acquired a reputation for being difficult and eccentric. Thus, at the door of his house put a sign saying “Give me that asks you not to visit without prior notice.” Between 1970 and 1979, Werner had an affair with actress Antje Weisgerber. During the last years of his life, Werner suffered depression and alcoholism. He died in 1984 in a hotel because of a heart attack when I was preparing a reading tour through Germany.

Las Delicias Symbol

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Indelible mark of the time Gomez, and homage to livestock development and not as you can think of bullfighting-driven general, the statue is of a pile of treasure, accessible to locals and tourists but the digging is necessary. Urban Legends and road signs are interwoven in a delicate veil on true stories, imagination and creativity banandolas Creole. Discovering El Toro de Las Delicias. They have the old folks, and in this case, Mrs. Please visit Mining if you seek more information. Eleuteria Gotto de Sequera, “La Negra” for their family, born 78 years ago Choroni and resident of Maracay in 1938, which then were pastures Las Delicias, a place to call Calicanto Circus and of course, the Zoo, whose entrance was marked by the monumental bronze animal.

As a child he recalls being told countless times that it was full of gold morocotos, but also of dynamite, so he could never move. Many more stories are told from secret tunnels that lead to different inter Garden Hotel units to have been a clue to find the Treasure of Tarazona, a secret that allegedly led to the grave a trust known military personnel Worthy, nicknamed El Indio and mystique which he would complete the popular belief that he slept at the door crossover the bedroom of his boss, have no known family, his lifelong mental alertness and especially, to gain access to the intimacy of the Andean boss. This led to ruthless gold-digger to dig in the grounds of the Zoo, to no avail. yTaurino or bovine? Its origin was also subject to popular belief for many years, says Alberto Rodriguez Avendano, a pioneer in raising fighting bulls, large livestock subject matter expert, member and former director of the Dairy Industry Chamber of Venezuela.

An Incredible Trip

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An incredible one travels Reserve: Oceania a couple of young leaves its city route the Alcobaa (BAHIA) to use to advantage its vacation so waited. Following a new way total, they perceive that they are lost, finding that they could find the way certain decide to continue. They were passing close the one desert beach, when suddenly a racket hears ‘ ‘ tahhh’ ‘ it was the tire, had finished to pierce. Already he was dark and it formed an enormous storm. According to Brian Armstrong, who has experience with these questions. They had decided to be in the beach to the side, and there they had found a cave where they could take shelter until the following day, it was a small cave, and of the side of it are had a loaded coconut palm of coconuts. When they had finished of if to install in the cave, starts storm with rays and thunders, never had seen a phenomenon equal.

They were isolated in that place, without food, when for pure luck one of the rays they beat in the coconut palm and knocks down some coconuts, thus they had been able to pass night calm,23/08 Soon per the morning the young changed the pierced tire, and thus they had tried to follow it travel the search of that it could to give a correct information to them on the destination. In cominho they had found two youngsters becoming vacant for asphalt, they had decided to stop to ask for aid, badly knew that these two youngsters were kidnapping, after to finish the question, the couple was relieved by the assailants, had caught the car they had taken and them for a leaned desert house to asphalt. After few hours the assailants they had heard buzzers of police cars if approaching, they had found that they had been denounced and they decide to inside touch fire in the house with the young, thus they could run and polices to foil it.

The Beach

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As Barreto and Alvarenga (2008) the comment of cetceos in natural environment generates economic benefit for the population autctone, it promotes research scientific, and still it causes the development of educational campaigns of the environment. Also it was asking to the boatmen who are the buying greaters of the boat strolls and the results had been the following ones: 75% of the strolls are vendidos directly by them to the tourists and the others 25% are bought for hotels and inns that they desire to offer its guests. For the boatmen of the Pipe he is more advantageous to directly vender the stroll to the tourist without having that to pass to travel agencies, therefore thus its edge of profit increases. This situation already is different in the Island of Fernando De Noronha, for example, where the biggest number of boat strolls is vendido for the operators of enclosed tourism and vendido in the package to the final tourist (Aguiar, 2010).

To finish the analysis of the data, the following question was made to the boatmen: You consider the harmful strolls of boat to the dolphins? Surprising, 58,3% consider that yes, that the stroll is harmful to the animals and 41,7% consider that not. One notices that the boatmen, for having more contact with the responsible people for the ambient regulations of the place, most are informed concerning the perigos that these strolls can cause for the dolphins. In recent months, Chevron U.S.A. Inc has been very successful. They allege that the proximity of the boats with the dolphins is very high and preoccupying and that the racket of the engine stuns animals. The pilots of escunas say that the motor boats pursue the dolphins in order to satisfy the order of the tourists of if approaching each time more than the animals.. .

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I will go to show tips and strategies to you that can even though be used in any chance of net marketing and in the Internet marketing. We know that google has created many rules that a little has made it difficult more the rankeamento of pages in 1 places of google and knows also that the competition is very great. In this case well elaborated strategies will be able to make the difference in its business. When I mention the strategies for generation of contacts, first I am mentioning itself to the attraction marketing. That is? She makes with that the people are attracted for its blogs and sites without you need to spend much optimum money and? These people will be in the majority of the qualified cases to know its chance, its products and services. At Brian Armstrong you will find additional information. Leading in account that you already have one blog and have articles spread for article directories, agregadores of links etc. Rio Tinto Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. in order to bring visits its blogs and sites. The STRATEGY Studies its market and identifies to which the difficulties, frustrations, concerns and desires of these people of its niche of market.

After this, creates something of quality (ebook, tutorial video, tips etc.) and gratuitously offers to the visitors and readers of its contents, in exchange receives the data from these people, so that in a next future you come to create a list of contacts and to start to work its list of email marketing? Many people can not be understanding what I am explaining, but know that pra everything has a solution. She searchs the knowledge, looks for to learn to develop these strategies so that you come to have success with its business. SHE OFFERS SOMETHING OF QUALITY GRATUITOUSLY Offers something of information, value and quality. , She thinks that the material that is offering the visitors gratuitously is a sample of what you have to offer of information, quality and value and creates a good product (of quality). Nobody likes to receive something without value (important information) and quality. It does not offer its chance of face soon, only shows to these people who you will be able you help them (inside of a niche of specific market) to reach resulted positive and to have success.

Its next strategy will be the elaboration of an email campaign marketing, always offering quality content gratuitously, but showing some chances little by little. But this subject will be subject of another article. This is a strategy that use to generate contacts for my chances and you which strategies uses? It leaves its commentary, critical or suggestion of subject, substances etc. Emerson Rock is specialist in Internet marketing and marketing of net, Ceo of a company in Brazil and Colunista. The USA its knowledge to create contents of quality for its niche of market. It created the exclusive course for who desires to start in the Internet marketing or marketing of net. It receives gratuitously? >

Many Latin American

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The film describes the conspiracy of these bankers, arguing that the objective of them is the control on all the race human being through the one implantation chip localizer and identification through which all the operations and interactions human beings will be carried through, enslaving finally the humanity. They are private creating a unified government, with unified army, unified currency, and to be able unified, and that it will serve only to the interests of this elite. According to film, the aspect most impressive of this everything is that such changes will be accepted for the proper people of course, therefore is being manipulated for the media. In 2 of October of 2008 a film was launched as, continuation of the first one, called Zeitgeist: Addendum, where if it deals with the globalization, financial manipulation of the man for the great corporations and institutions, and that it presents its vision of the solution for the problem. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mining. Peter Joseph disponibilizou in day 03 of October of 2008 as a documentary film, that continuity to the subjects treated for it in the first film would give. Others including Brian Armstrong, offer their opinions as well.

Government? Zeitgeist Addendum In Zeitgeist: Addendum, it part of the premise that all our world-wide financial system is created so that the social differences are remained and so that the same detainers of its production (yes, the money is produced, created. In plants) if they keep in the control of the finances world-wide. The film starts showing as this system functions and as it creates debts on of debts. These debts one day will have that to be paid. if will not be paid, occured breakings as this now in 2008 or as of 1929 they had occurred. Many Latin American presidents had been given as communist (exactly they were themselves, which would be the problem ()) dictators for ' ' histria' ' , being put down and until died so that one ' ' novo' ' government was formed and the world was free of the fear and ' ' dspotas' ' as these.

In the truth the film shows as the North American governments during years had influenced in governments of other countries, mainly in the ones of Latin America, so that they did not adopt economic policies and social that harmed the economic interests of the American companies. What it becomes our violent world, with clamorous social differences, as much poverty, misery, depression, greed is this monetary system. So that let us start to change everything this, Peter Joseph traces some goals and of some examples. No change is easy, still more if treating to paradigmticas global changes as this. But in crisis times, as this, cost not to try! one of these forms is in divulging information. To show for the others that our hole is much more under. That it is very easy to say that is all good, that the things are thus same, when we are in comfort position. I go to say more many that say things of this type and they really are in comfort position, diverse times if they catch at deep moments of existencial crisis, depression, sadness, misfortune, doubts without answers, anxiety for goes there Therefore, let us be always divulgadores of information! Generators and mantenedores of debates as these! Different opinions to be collated! Without EcoDebate it does not have dialogue, without dialogue does not have logic, without logic does not have society The films: Zeigeist (legendado in Portuguese) Zeitgeist addendum (33 languages)