Marketing Online

Marketing in the Web and traditional marketing has absolutely the same concepts. Although many consider to marketing in somewhat novel Internet, this is much of being certain. In fact, unique the novel thing is the speed in which the advertisers of all the headings and markets are turning upside down to the publicity online. Nevertheless, to assure us the maximum effectiveness our campaigns of publicity in the Web we will have to remember the basic foundations of marketing, because these same concepts are applied to the publicity in Internet. The unique thing that it changes is the channel. One of the aspects of the marketing processes that usually forget, or to ignore itself is its entailment with the administrative part of the management of a company. Consequently, to make publicity online is much more that to put a pair of announcements of Adwords.

The publicity actions must respond to a strategy, partly tie with sociology, and partly with the economy, that it looks for to satisfy the necessity with the clients in exchange for a profit. Therefore, a planned campaign of good marketing includes a study of market, our position in the same, and compares our products with those of our competitors. The advantage of marketing online in front of other channels is the enormous availability of tools that allow us to quantify of more precise form all these variables that we mentioned. If something lacked to have a closer contact with the clients, and of this form to detect possible demands and needs, they were the social networks, and they already are here for remaining. Thanks to them it is possible to approach of much more direct form potential clients, in order to successfully obtain the necessary information that it helps to direct our strategies us of production of goods and services. Perhaps one of the distinguishing characteristics of marketing online is that in this channel, more than no other, the question of the communication, that is to say how we communicated the advantages of our products and services, he is much more semantic that in other channels. In order to say it with an example, we could create a campaign of graphical publicity with images that did not have anything to see with our product (it is very common, for example, to promote a perfume with images of flowers or landscapes, not directly related to I perfumed in if). But in marketing online the rules of the game much more force to us textual and semantically to be related. Therefore, if it wants to promote a product or service, it olvdese of the metaphors and it refirase to him of maner much more direct.