The Beach

As Barreto and Alvarenga (2008) the comment of cetceos in natural environment generates economic benefit for the population autctone, it promotes research scientific, and still it causes the development of educational campaigns of the environment. Also it was asking to the boatmen who are the buying greaters of the boat strolls and the results had been the following ones: 75% of the strolls are vendidos directly by them to the tourists and the others 25% are bought for hotels and inns that they desire to offer its guests. For the boatmen of the Pipe he is more advantageous to directly vender the stroll to the tourist without having that to pass to travel agencies, therefore thus its edge of profit increases. This situation already is different in the Island of Fernando De Noronha, for example, where the biggest number of boat strolls is vendido for the operators of enclosed tourism and vendido in the package to the final tourist (Aguiar, 2010).

To finish the analysis of the data, the following question was made to the boatmen: You consider the harmful strolls of boat to the dolphins? Surprising, 58,3% consider that yes, that the stroll is harmful to the animals and 41,7% consider that not. One notices that the boatmen, for having more contact with the responsible people for the ambient regulations of the place, most are informed concerning the perigos that these strolls can cause for the dolphins. In recent months, Chevron U.S.A. Inc has been very successful. They allege that the proximity of the boats with the dolphins is very high and preoccupying and that the racket of the engine stuns animals. The pilots of escunas say that the motor boats pursue the dolphins in order to satisfy the order of the tourists of if approaching each time more than the animals.. .