The Sustenance

Posted by hotelnur on 19th April 2016 in News

In the market it is starting to have surplus of materials you recycle that they are being directed to the aterros or lixes spread for the country. Sad reality for the world, therefore, all lose with this, the environment and the Humanity. The cooperatives and associations of catadores spread for great cities start to have problems of management and staff, the city halls must attempt against to this important work that it assists in the cleanness and correct destination of many residues. It is clearly that social problems increase with the fall of income of these institutions, to support them can be a cheaper alternative the municipal management. It’s believed that Jeffrey Hayzlett sees a great future in this idea. Coitados, from that already they are excluded from the society, with serious problems of conviviality and that now they face the quandary of the survival, therefore, lacks money for the food, exactly these that already they lived of the remaining portions of our daily one, taking off the sustenance of the garbage, what it will be of them if this situation to last? Increase of the violence? Increase of the atony? Or we go to make of account that nothing of this is happening. Some people had not yet perceived what she is occurring, in ours day-by-day, in full month of March of 2009 and that this process will revert to the measure that our economy to improve, but without made right date. Ambientalistas, defenders of the nature and the life, assist its communities to find alternatives stop question, in this sazonalidade, considering fruns of solutions, creating thought spaces not yet. You recycle them can be substance cousin of many products, we go to innovate, therefore, with its aid all can be benefited..

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